Here’s le part 2!

We arrived in Melbourne on the 12th of January to just cruise around the place and shop for a bit. Bought this really nice dress by Tokito in the basement of Myer, which I had my eye on for awhile but there was also another dress at the same time so Mum said I could only choose one so last time I chose the other one, but, THIS TIME it was 50% off then like another 40% or something? So it was like $24 instead of $80, I was like *fist pump!!*

While lining up, we got to pass all the posters of past winners~~ Yay Federer~~~! :D we bought one of those massive tennis balls, and then a medium size one, you know, for signatures ;) our seats for the first day match were in the shade and it actually felt pretty cold, but when I looked over at the people sitting in the sun fanning themselves, I think our seats were better (maybe?).

On the Tuesday, during the day, me and my Mum caught up with a couple we were with during our tour in Japan 2010, which was really nice~ and since we got to the park before our match started, we browsed some of the booths, which were really fun~! The longest line was probably at the Dove stand, since it gave out a bag full of free stuff (duh!), such as deodorants, soaps and other stuff :P the highlight of the night match was a cheering/entertaining group called ‘The Heard’, which included this ‘big-headed-Astro-boy-look-a-like’, who was absolutely HILARIOUS while doing a lap around the arena xD freakin’ amusing~ :DDDDDD

The day of autograph-seeking was accompanied by the sight of Redfoo~!!! Who was on the sidelines when Victoria Azarenka was practicing on court~ she was also the only person who autographed for me~ unfortunately Gasquet was SO CLOSE to getting to our end to sign our things but I think his son was asking to leave so they both left once they reached the middle~~~! D; it was nice that he stopped to take pictures with people who wanted them and give out kisses ;D

The cherry on top of the delicious cake was going to a Patisserie called “Brunetti’s”, which was absolutely DELICIOUS~~~~! OMNOMNOMNOM~~~… my bro went here last time with a friend during the previous Aus. Open and I’m so glad we did, too, because all the cakes and tarts were so rich and yummy and looked just as good~~~ if I do say so myself :P I think it was a good time to be leaving Melbourne because the heat was getting turned up to 40+ degrees~ and yet it was the same in Sydney… ><” I’m like a month late with talking about the Australian Open but…oh well~ ;)

Kira was here.