Anonymous whispered: can you post a pic with a better angle? you can't really see the sides that much


yeah i had posted a better one on facebook let me!!! upload



we all have those fictional characters we need to protect


"sad cloud theme" by hentaist it was inspired by flat layout designs but it’s definitely not as fancy as them lmao. you can customize this theme to your liking (and since some people were saying they missed my old theme style) it also incorporates things like my old theme style and new, so it can work both ways my friends.

  • 250, 400, 500px post sizes
  • 2 different shadow styles
  • sidebar image and 3 custom links
  • optional show tags, captions and rounded posts
  • optional background image
  • lots of custom colors
  • and it comes with a search bar
  • pagination only

preview 1 / preview 2 / pastebin code

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It’s funny because Malfoy’s has all sorts of comments and then you scroll down and it’s just Harry doing his thing.

this is the closest notes ive seen on a double post -slow clap for the threat-

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If you don’t reblog these in a pair I hate you

I actually had to do it twice, because I accidentally reblogged Malfoy first, and that’s almost as bad as not reblogging both of them.


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How I spent my time at Pompeii today